Colorful California Landscape: A Water-Friendly Garden
Colorful California Landscape:  A Water-Friendly Garden

Irrgiation and Water Efficiency Tour


The irrigation is controlled by an Irritrol Rain Dial controller (RD600-EXT) with a rain sensor (RS500) mounted on the roof (see photo below; ).  When it rains, this sensor sends a signal to the controller which shuts off the entire irrigation system for a predetermined period of time.  We set ours for one day

Drip irrigation is utilized on the main area of the front yard. It involves a TORO DL2000 ubsurface dripline lateral (RGP 212-05) 0.5 GPH nom. flow, 20 psi operation (.33 gph per sq. ft), 12" o.c. emitter spacing, 18" o.c. line spacing, about to be buried 2" deep.  The above picture shows the drip irrigation lines just before they were buried.

Drip irrigation uses substantially less water, but the tradeoff is that the system needs to be checked regularly to ensure a high level of efficiency.  Minor repairs may be necessary and are very easy to do once you locate the problem area.

The picture above shows an example of custom above-ground irrigation which is installed along the parkway for the Creeping Rosemary. The stream is strong enough to water surrounding plants, but gentle enough that it soaks into the ground with no runoff.

After watering our plants, we use the power of water to wind up the hose with our self-winding hose reel (see photo below). Using water pressure from a standard garden spigot, this reel automatically retracts a garden hose quickly and effortlessly without tangling or crimping.  To recoile the hose, pull the lever with the water running; the reel smoothly and steadily coils up to 100 feet of 5/8 hose into a weatherproof box. You can buy this online at (Suncast RSB100D).

Water Capture and Retention

Our sustainable landscape features a 180-gallon rainwater and stormwater catchment and retention/infiltration system made of 100% recycled plastic.  It serves as a natural filtration system.  Solar powered landscape lighting is utilized to reduce energy use.  The highly-efficient, fine-tuned irrigation system minimizes water requirements through the utilization of drip irrigation.  Due to the drainage, catchment systems and use of plants and rocks, water is kept on site - there is no water runoff.

Three 60-gallon CUDO Cubes store 180 gallons of storm water, which is slowly released into the soil rather than wasted runoff into the street gutters. These cubes are manufactured in the USA using injection molded polypropylene plastic.

Above shows the CUDO Cubes being buried in the front yard. The hole was lined with Landscape Filter Fabric and the cubes were wrapped in Geotextile Fabric (to keep out dirt.)

The cubes were then covered with river wash cobble and topped with decorative Colorado River Rock.  Above shows how it looks one year later.

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