Colorful California Landscape: A Water-Friendly Garden
Colorful California Landscape:  A Water-Friendly Garden


A photo tour and explanation of our irrigation and drainage systems can be found in the Irrigation Tour section of this website.

Properly watering, opposed to over-watering, has many benefits:
  • reduces the amount of dry season run-off
  • reduces certain pest populations (like mold and mealy bugs)
  • creates a drier landscape
  • allows the soild to hold more rain water

Properly watering entails maintaining an efficient irrigation system, one with a Smart-Timer, low flow components (like soaker tubing), adjusting sprinkler heads to minimize overspray, and regularly checking the system for ruptures.  Lawns are notoriously bad for the ocean - not only do they require a lot of water, but the run-off they produce is loaded with fertilizers and herbicides.  Instead of a lawn, consider the alternatives suggested by

Reducing lawn areas will reduce your long-term maintenance costs and signficantly reduce your water needs.  Most lawn grasses are "cool season" grasses and require a great deal of water to maintain them.  Large lawns are just not suited to most of the climates in which they are grown.  Replacing unused lawn areas with desirable vegetation suited to teh growing conditions on your property can significantly reduce water needs.

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Stewardship requires the recognition that we are all caretakers of the environment and economy for the benefit of present and future generations. We must balance the impacts of today's decisions with the needs of future generations. - The Minnesota Round Table on Sustainable Development (1998)